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2012-03-04 11:45:08 by ma-d

Dub = dub, reggae, ragga roots
Step = UKG 2Step

How most Americans see Dubstep
Dub = Wobbly bass, horrific disgusting robotic bass (Idiots)
step = most simple repetitive drums

Tom unveils redesign?

2011-04-15 19:04:42 by ma-d

Well, Tom gave us a supposed sneak peak, of the upcoming redesign. Here it is:

EDIT: In this news post, Tom said that the new layout will be rougly 977 pixels wide. If we take the image below, and then scale the thumbnails up to 140x90, which is the new thumbnail size, it does come to rougly 977pixels.

Tom unveils redesign?


2008-06-23 19:29:45 by ma-d


Audio Surf Flash

2008-03-30 07:20:50 by ma-d

Well, my latest flash game i am working on is audiosurf:flash version. Ive been working on it for a few weeks, basically since i heard it existed. I'm working on some of the last bits of scripting, and then il even up the graphics and timing of beats and stuff.
If you dont know what audio surf is, here is the site here
If you have any comments or recommendations of what songs should be on the game, please post.